House in Gagarinsky Pereulok

The House in Gagarinsky Pereulok is located in one of Moscow’s areas most liked by the native Muscovites and the connoisseurs of 18-19th century urban estates – the vicinities of Prechistenka Street.


In the 18th century, noblemen had started to build their estates in Gagarinsky Pereulok, expanding beyond Prechistenka, and the district gradually turned into a sort of aristocratic suburb by the end of that century. The project, completed in 1996, still serves as an example of skilful and careful historical reconstruction of a classical house with a small number of apartments. The three-floor building constructed on the site of a residential house dating back to 1820s is distinguished by an unconventional architectural solution: the layout of the corner element, laconic and commensurate details and shapes. The fa?ade reconstructed according to the archival documents covers a comfortable space: a limited number of apartments whose interiors follow the style of a classical Russian mansion of the 18th or 19th century, an original attic, a basement and a modern underground parking garage. The House in Gagarinsky Pereulok, being a unique example of mansions with a small number of apartments, is ideally suited for those who prefers solitude and a limited number of neighbours.


  • Address:

    Bld. 1, 7/8 Gagarinsky Pereulok, Moscow

  • Number of apartments:


  • Number of floors:


  • Architect:

    Yulia Gosteva (Tabachuk)

Bld. 1, 1 Usacheva Street, Moscow
Tel.: +7 495 542-99-99, Fax: +7 495 542-99-94