House on Lomonosovskaya

Nevsky District, where the House on Lomonosovskaya is situated, is the only district in Saint Petersburg which is located on both banks of the Neva river.


The Stalin-era house was renovated while preserving its historical architectural volumes. Most of the houses built during the period from the late 1930s through 1950s were distinguished by high quality. Apartments in such houses rarely consisted of only one room; three- or four-room flats were most common. Their red-brick walls would rather frequently devoid of plaster. The colouring solution typical for Stalin-era buildings – brick-red and beige – was selected by the architects for the finishing of the building’s fasade. The interior layouts of the apartment House on Lomonosovskaya were also modified in order to enhance the level of comfort and insolation of the premises. Nevsky District has an established infrastructure and has been rapidly developing during the recent years. Several public green areas are located in the immediate vicinity of the private neighbourhood formed by the House on Lomonosovskaya: the Kurakina Dacha park and, on the opposite bank of the Neva, one of the most beautiful gardens of Saint Petersburg – Chernov’s dachas. The Church of the Holy Life-giving Trinity resembling an Easter cake in its shape is considered a wonderful architectural monument of Nevsky District. The main fa?ade of the House on Lomonosovskaya faces a garden near the underground station of the same name and the yard fa?ade looks on a quiet green backyard.


  • Address:

    6A Polyarnikov Street, Saint Petersburg

  • Total area:

    10,780 sq. m

  • Number of apartments:


  • Number of floors:


  • Designer company:

    Construction Landscaping Utilities LLC

Bld. 1, 1 Usacheva Street, Moscow
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