“Trubetskoy Estate” Park

In 2002, RESTAVRACIA N started the renovation of the main house and the park previously owned by the Trubetskoy family.


The territory of the estate has been a favourite place of walking around for more than one generation of families in Khamovniki and is under a nature protection regime. When owned by the aristocratic family, the park was designed according to all rules of that time’s gardening. The main Trubetskoy house was restored according to the available 18th century drawings, so not only its exterior identity but also its original layout and even certain elements of interior decoration have been preserved. The front porch of the house overlooks the central alley of the park. As part of the renovation of the estate, the company has constructed a greenhouse, a school for additional education of children and a horse-riding school, as well as playgrounds and sports grounds. In the park, the company has gathered a collection of flowers rather rare for this natural zone, planted a fruit orchard, preserved old trees and ponds and improved the picturesque grounds called “Fidelity”, “Love and Beauty”, “Fulfilment of Wishes” and “Pushkin”. The Pushkins were distant relatives of the Trubetskoys. The poet would repeatedly visited Khamovniki where he especially liked solitary walks in the shadowy alleys of the park. 


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    Bld. 1, 1 Usacheva Street, Moscow

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    1,654 sq. m

Bld. 1, 1 Usacheva Street, Moscow
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