Interior design

Founded by David Linley in 1985, this design brand grew famous through its de luxe furniture, interior and accessories that blend the British craftsmanship and excellent material quality. Over more than 25 years of its existence, the company has designed the interior for multiple residential and hotel properties across the world.


Chris Beardshaw

Garden design

With more than 30 awards, Chris Beardshaw is one of the most famous and widely recognised garden designers of modern times. His interests range from writing gardening books and articles and making TV programmes (more than 16 years on TV) to lecturing and figure heading charity campaigns on a regular basis. His successful design business allows Chris the creative freedom to work with his clients across the world.


Andrew Martin

Interior design

The Andrew Martin company, according to the British press is the "most successful and fast growing interior design company in Great Britain", founded in 1978 and quickly rose to fame and gained formidable reputation among interior designers.

Svargo group


A major Russian company in the market that offers general contractor, construction management and shell and core development services of any level of complexity.


Architecture, finishing

A company founded by the Albertini family almost 60 years ago builds wood, wood/aluminium and wood/bronze windows, balcony doors and slide systems  blending functionality, beauty and an impeccable architecture style. Today, the company’s products are marketed in Europe, Asian South-East, North Africa and North America.


Architecture, finishing

This renowned Finnish company produces bricks widely used in premium property development. The bricks are made using a unique technology drawing on the Nordic approach that combines high quality of materials and ground-breaking ideas with commitment to old traditions.

Erik Valeyev (IQ studio)

Interior design

Erik Valeyev is the chief architect, designer and leader of IQ studio, a company that has designed multiple public and private de luxe interiors and won a number of Russian and international awards.


Sergey Kiselev and Partners

Architecture and Development

Complete development of buildings and structures, architectural concepts, projects, tender and working documentation, project supervision, interiors.  


Архитектура и строительство

The «Stroiteks» group is a modern union of investment construction companies, leading construction of a wide variety of developments in Moscow and Moscow oblast. The priority direction of Stroiteks is the sphere of investment construction which includes development of elite residential complexes, as well as relatively inexpensive residences and office buildings

Group Systems

Architecture and Development

A united construction company that provides professional and certified services in the area of development, construction and project supervision since 2005.

TPO Rezerv

Architecture and Development

The company works in the areas of architecture, design engineering, geological exploration and geophysical works, geodetic and cartographic activities, work in the field of standardization, as well as metrology and hydrometeorology.


Investment and development company

The company works with contemporary projects in the areas of commercial and residential real estate, as well as engineering and oil and gas services.


Construction, restoration, landscaping

General contractor for the construction and renovation of buildings, civil works to the stage finish. Demolition and excavation, installation of utilities and communications work for road organization and landscaping.



The company "OPI" LLC is an exclusive representative of the brand FOAMGLAS in Russia. Foam glass FOAMGLAS is an environmentally friendly, non-flammable, absolutely waterproof and vapor insulation material with constant technical characteristics, retaining their values throughout the whole period of building’s exploitation.

Russian Academy of Arts


The Russian Academy of Arts was founded in 1995 and was modeled after the French Acad?mie Goncourt. The principle is rather simple - mutual appreciation and respect regarding others' creations and gifts. The Academy is a free union of people interested in the development of Art in modern-day Russia, as well as preserving cultural heritage for future generations.

Hibla Gerzmava


A National Artist of Russian Federation and a National Artist of the Republic of Abkhazia, Hibla Gerzmava is a unique phenomenon in the Russian opera scene. She is bright and spontaneous, emotional and passionate - she is often performs main arias in famous operas. She is also an amazingly talented actress, able to interpret the image of her heroine not only by following the director's advice but also her own impeccable intuition.

"The Future of Russia" fund


Since 1998 the community organization Centre of Spiritual and Moral Unity 'Future' has been working on a program called the Community Project 'Future of Russia'. The community project was created for each and every one to inspire a personal moral responsibility for the fate of Russia. This program is about unifying the people of Russia in the idea of common purpose - to raise their children to be happy and resourceful citizens.

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