Trubetskoy Estate Residential Compound

The residential compound “Trubetskoy Estate” erected in the park of the same name was named the most expensive residential property of the luxury segment in the 2010 Forbes rating.


The completely self-contained compound has only 28 apartments: 8 townhouses, one- and two-level flats with spacious terraces and penthouses with panoramic glazing. The residential compound includes a 43-space underground parking lot. The building is equipped with up-to-date utility systems and fully self-contained. A fitness studio and a beauty parlour are located within the compound. The sand-coloured stern fa?ades of the buildings are in harmony with the surrounding green of the age-old trees and the stone-paved paths of the legendary park which is accessible to the Trubetskoy Estate residents 24 hours a day.


  • Address:

    3, Usacheva Street, Moscow

  • Total area:

    12,000 sq. m

  • Number of apartments:


  • Number of floors:


  • Architect:

    Аlexei Kurennoy / RAKURS Architects

Bld. 1, 1 Usacheva Street, Moscow
Tel.: +7 495 542-99-99, Fax: +7 495 542-99-94