House in Zubovsky Proezd

After Sergey Kiselev, one of the best Moscow architects, tragically died in 2010, each of his works has become part of the city’s overall history.


The work with respect to an apartment house in Zubovsky Proezd was carried out under the management of Sergey Kiselev and Mikhail Chirkov. The modern, laconic, purposely ascetic in its decoration and, at the same time, quite traditional Moscow house was nominated as the “best house” at the Zolotoye Secheniye competition, sponsored by the Union of Moscow Architects, in 2001. It was initially planned to build a 3-floor house 870 sq. m in area on the development site. By using computer simulation and animation as part of their design process, the architects demonstrated that a 6-floor house with an area of nearly 6,000 sq. m would be quite appropriate and harmonious in this place. In the opinion of the designers, the house became a connecting link between the neighbouring structures, a 19th century architectural monument and a 12-floor brick tower clearly inconsistent with the other buildings around it. The house consists of two buildings shifted in relation to each other. Each of them is different in the form of roofs, the colour of facing material and certain details of exterior finishing. At the same time, the buildings are perceived as a completed single property harmoniously fitted into the urban landscape of Proezd. The portico of the top floor partially covers the two-level penthouse located behind it and stylistically echoes the classical portico of the Palace Department on the Garden Ring. The semi-circular wall of the second building pretends to separate the house from the 12-floor apartment house built in the 1970s. The interiors are based on the best traditions of modern design – they are simple, elegant and follow the stern shapes of the building and the straight and clear lines of the fa?ades.


  • Address:

    1, Zubovsky Proezd, Moscow

  • Number of apartments:


  • Number of floors:


  • Designer company:

    Sergey Kiselev and Partners

  • Architect:

    Sergey Kiselev

Bld. 1, 1 Usacheva Street, Moscow
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