Imperial Chapel

In 2008, RESTAVRACIA N took part in the unique project of renovating the residential wings of the famous Imperial Singing Chapel.


The building constructed in the last quarter of the 18th century was rebuilt in 1886-1889 by architect Leonty Nikolaevich Benua who also made sketches for the interiors, furniture and fixtures of the Chapel. Its concert hall had magnificent acoustic properties. The chapel was established in order to train the choir of the court church. The following recollection of a visit to the chapel can be found in the memoirs of French writer Theophile Gautier who made a trip to Russia: “Singers in splendid velvet clothes trimmed with gold lace supported the service and with that marvellous exactness of Russian choirs took up the hymns in which one could find the tunes of lost ancient Greek musical themes”. The chapel building is located in the very centre of the city, near the Palace Square, and is in harmony with the magnificent architecture of Saint Petersburg. Its architectural forms reflect the styles of Italian Renaissance and Russian Classicism. Out of all Palace Square buildings, only the Chapel wings had the residential status.  The renovation of the Chapel before the last one was carried out in 1886-1889. As a result of the work performed by  RESTAVRACIA N, the wings on Moika Embankment were restored to their historical spatial and architectural characteristics. 10 contemporary Saint Petersburg families now live within the walls which saw such great musicians as Glinka, Razumovsky, Borodin, Balakirev and Rimsky-Korsakov. The only thing that remains unchanged is the view of the Hermitage and the famous quadriga of the Headquarters’ arch out of a window of the Chapel.


  • Address

    20, Moika Embankment, Saint Petersburg

  • Developed area:

    996.66 sq. m

  • Total area of apartments:

    2,345.79 sq. m

  • Area per apartment:

    180-380 sq. m

  • Number of apartments:


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  • Designer company:

    VistKom CJSC

  • Architect:

    L. Benua

Bld. 1, 1 Usacheva Street, Moscow
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