The Charity Foundation of Natalia Kuzmina, the founder of RESTAVRACIA N, has been supporting various cultural, art, sports and social projects for many years.


The Foundation helps educate gifted children from low-income families and supports the social and cultural innovations of the children’s creative centre “Trubetskoy Estate in Khamovniki” under the charitable program “Assisting the Development of the Children’s Park ‘Trubetskoy Estate in Khamovniki’”. The Foundation is also engaged in the holding of general cultural, sporting and educational events for children in Khamovniki.


The social responsibility of businesses is one of the key business principles of RESTAVRACIA N.


Support for social charitable activities is not only a reasonable contribution to the future of new generations, but, first of all, indifference and cordial attitude towards the people living around and an opportunity to change our reality for the better, even though to a slight extent.


You are welcome to join our initiatives.

Russian Academy of Arts

The Russian Academy of Arts was established in 1995 following the model of the French Goncourt Academy. Its principle is very simple, it is the sense of mutual sympathy and respect for the deeds and talents of each other. The Academy is not a guild, a party, a movement or a bureaucratic vehicle for anybody or anything. The Academy is a free community of people interested in the development of Arts in todays’ Russia and in the preservation of the cultural heritage for future generations.

Moscow Ballet Festival “Grand Pas”

Grand Pas follows the model of such international festivals as ADF (American Dance Festival) and CaDance (the Netherlands). First held in 2003, the Moscow Ballet Festival “Grand Pas” was established with the participation of the Moscow Government and was assigned the status of an official city ballet festival. Each year, those who like contemporary dances have an opportunity to see the best ballet companies of the world on the stages of the Bolshoi and Maly theatres.

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